Friday, November 12, 2010

Ai i militat

If you've been listening to the news and latest island hot topics you've heard about the top military officials disrespectful comments about the Chamorro people.
I find it really rude that the person that made the comments tried to play it off like the lady who overheard the conversation took it out of context.
What context would it have been fine to say mean things about a saina?
This is why I dislike the military. They think that they are above us and that attitude is offensive.
If you don't like us, get off our island. Simple solution and we both win.
Paula Conhain- “Unfortunately portions of the conversation were taken out of context. I apologize if there was an impression that the discussion was offensive which was not my intent. I am committed to understanding the Guam community and Chamorro culture and to considering them as we work to move the program forward.”
What a weak excuse and I really hope karma gets her or at least a taotaomona pinches her daggan.
This just gets my blood boiling. The military is so tai respectu.